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James Bowler - Director

James is always looking for ways to better the company and very much enjoys steering the Silverback ship in new directions, something he has done since Silverback begun. James knows just what it takes to run a crewing company and has a reputation for being professional and being able to look towards the future.

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Adam Jones - Director

The beating heart of the Silverback business. Always driving the company forward and is dedicated to delivering the highest standards and service to our clients. Loves getting out on his motorbike and has a slight man crush on Steve McQueen. 


Tracey Fawcett - Head of Finance

Tracey's been with Silverback since the very start and has been an integral part of our growth. It is important to surround yourself with people you can trust and depend on and Tracey delivers both of those in buckets. Tracey has Silverback's best interest at heart and she knows Silverback appreciates everything she does and continues to do.

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Jody Lacon - Finance & Payroll

Jody is everybody’s best friend as she is the person that ensures you get paid correctly and on time. If a problem ever did present itself you wouldn’t know as Jody is particularly calm in pressure situations, collected and capable in her approach.

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Jason Edmondstone - Regional Manager

Jason has been the manager of the London region since it opened and has worked relentlessly to ensure its growth. Jason always goes above and beyond to make sure a client’s needs are met. Both his professionalism and work ethic has been passed onto his management team and the crew.

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Debbie Claxton - Operations

Often referred to as the mother of the London office, Debbie is constantly dishing out the wealth of experience she has gained in the industry throughout her career. The benefits to having Debbie in Silverback is felt every day and she wants nothing more but to please client’s, develop the team around her and enjoy being part of a company that's continually growing.


Jono Carter - Business Development

Jono is a key person within the organisation. His priorities are to constantly develop the crew, develop client relationships and ensure both the crew’s needs and Silverback client's needs are met in every way. Do not let Jono’s calm approach fool you, he is like a swan that works hard underneath but seems to glide effortlessly.

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Josh Reading - Administration & Operational Support

First point of contact for all London bookings is something Josh takes great pride in. He is dedicated to making sure all the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted. He understands the importance of his role and is driven to develop his role within Silverback. Everyone enjoys working with Josh and he has built longstanding relationships with Silverback's clients.

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Jacques Jonker - Crew Manager

Jacque is one of the most friendly and open members of the London team, he loves working with people and the crew. Jacques is always motivated, eager to help wherever he can, enjoys working in places where there are fresh challenges each day and ample opportunity to laugh and smile whilst working.

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James Walsh - Regional Manager

James is constant in his want to make the Midlands region grow and he knows just how to do it. James comes from a military background and is a 3rd Dan in Karate…. His drive is not to be underestimated. He is a professional in every sense and is one of the most positive people you will ever work with.


Daniel Taylor - Assistant Manager

Daniel is such a solid member of the Midlands region. He is incredibly motivated and is another member of Silverback that is keen develop his skills and region. Daniels smile is consistent as is his initiative and he has the ability to stay calm under pressure and deliver whatever the client needs.



James Birss - Regional Manager

One of the longest standing members of Silverback. James has over 15 years of experience within the events industry. Whilst being In charge of the Northwest region James has worked hard to watch the region grow whilst developing himself with ILM qualifications. Always calm and very much in control.

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Michael Butt - Assistant Manager

Michael always loves to make wise cracks and he has a relentless work ethic. Michael is a professional rugby league player signed to Swinton Lions and goes by the name of “The Welsh International”! Always the first in the office, always motivated to get the job done and is very much a team player.

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Diane Harris  - Operations

 Diane excels in her role and it shows every day. She has worked some incredible companies before she joined Silverback and the experience, she has show’s in her tact and approach. Tasked with the job of ensuring all Northwest jobs are booked correctly and does it with a sense of humour beyond compare.


Diane Horner - Operations Consultant

Diane has played an integral part of Silverback’s growth over the last few years. Always striving for process and progress. The difference Diane has made is felt throughout the company and has had a direct result in the service we deliver and the number of employees we now have.



Aly Fraser

Aly has worked for Silverback for many years and been in the live events industry for even longer. Because of his wealth of experience, he knows exactly what the clients needs are and just as importantly, knows how to deliver it. The only thing that matches Aly’s ability to do a job well is his sharp wit and sense of humour.

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